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Blog post: Welcome to the brand new

By Jerry Paffendorf on January 29, 2019

Welcome to The Loveland team has been working on this update for some time, and we’re very glad you’re here. Please send your feedback and comments to

If you’re familiar with our work over the years, think of as the best of our websites simplified and put into one place at a clear new domain name. We map the land grid, after all, and the importance of understanding the land grid is something we want to promote.

It’s important to note for our Site Control customers that the service will continue running as-is, so you can continue using it without anything changing. You will also find that your maps and data are waiting for you here as well.

If you’re new to our work, our goal is to be the go-to resource for anything related to land parcel data, and to be the best partner in helping you put it to work, whether you’re a curious person, a community organization, a business, or a government.

This site allows you to quickly look up parcel-level property information from public record data that we collect, clean, and assemble from around the entire country. This base map is interesting by itself, and we also provide tools for add to it and make and share maps. See our account levels at

If you would like to use the parcel data in your own app or database, we have great licensing options for that at and want to help power other mapping and spatial analysis services that can benefit from parcel data.

We do our very best to be good stewards of the data, to support projects that make communities stronger, and to provide a great experience for our visitors, partners, and customers.

Please let us know if there is anything about the experience you think can be improved and what new things you would like to be able to do on the site.

You can always reach us at, and find us on social media at,, and

The Loveland Team

Welcome to the Friends & Family preview — please click here and give feedback

By Jerry Paffendorf on January 23, 2019

Thank you so much for checking out the new site a little early during our Friends & Family preview.

This site kicks off a whole new era for Loveland. After years of having two sites — one for property lookups, and one for making maps and doing property surveys — we've finally brought them both together into one site with a clear domain name, a more responsive interface, and new features.

We've also started to license our nationwide parcel data for other people to create apps with, which will hopefully become clear as you surf the site.

As you try it out, we ask you to be very critical. "Sweet" is cool, but highlighting problems is better.

Truly our goal is have something here that anyone who works with property information at any level will immediately want to sign up for and have no problems sharing with their friends and colleagues. If you see anything missing that will help that to happen — either in copy, layout, videos, features, overall experience — you just have to let us know.

To that end, some leading questions:

• What isn't immediately clear about the overall value proposition?

• What slows you down or stops you from making an account?

• What doesn't make sense or frustrates you?

• What is just broken?

• What do you want to be able to do with it, but can't?

• What might stop you from sharing the site with other people?

Please send your feedback to as soon as you can. We will do as much as we can to improve things before going live by the end of the month. As one of the first people to see this outside of the team, your feedback is completely invaluable.

Thank you from all of Loveland!

Job Posting: Loveland is hiring a General Manager

By Jerry Paffendorf on November 20, 2018

Job Posting: General Manager for LOVELAND Technologies / The Land Grid

Location: Detroit, MI or remote with regular trips to Detroit

Contact: with General Manager in the subject line


About LOVELAND Technologies / The Land Grid:

Loveland is a software and data company that specializes in mapping the world's property information at the parcel level. We have found this to be a unique niche in the mapping and data space that is valuable to a broad range of customers, and we have painstakingly assembled our own 137 million parcel dataset covering 95% of US residents.

Over the last several years we have created a successful suite of products, a growing customer base and project portfolio, and a stable organization with twelve people currently on staff. We believe we have an opportunity to double or triple our revenue in 2019 with support from a General Manager.

Visitors and customers currently surf our parcels for free at and use our paid subscription tools at to map and survey properties. We also license our nationwide dataset to researchers and app developers at, and directly help communities execute large-scale property surveys and door-to-door outreach efforts.

You can see a brief 4-minute video of our CEO talking about some of our work, projects, and vision at the NY Times Cities for Tomorrow conference:

Loveland is currently rebranding and combining its websites, software as a service, and dataset into one unified offering called The Land Grid (soon to be at, which will be the core business within the LOVELAND Technologies portfolio, with additional services building on The Land Grid to follow.

We have seen how the underlying land grid of property shapes, ownership, zoning, land use, architecture, nature, taxes, infrastructure, and other characteristics is an essential element of our world, our communities, and our economy that has not been adequately understood and used to make better decisions. The opportunity space is large.

Our goal is to be the essential, affordable, user-friendly platform for gathering, showing, surfing, assessing, and working with parcel level data about properties, land use, and habitation, and to help others put the data to work in their own projects and businesses.

Our headquarters are in Detroit with employees in Ann Arbor, the Bay Area, New York City, and Cleveland.


General Manager at LOVELAND Technologies / The Land Grid:

As General Manager you will oversee, manage, and grow The Land Grid business. You will be responsible for managing the team of twelve, delegating tasks, and making sure we meet the goals of our product roadmap. You will also be responsible for tracking and increasing subscription sales by better meeting the needs of our customers. This is a leadership role and you will work closely with our CEO, COO, and CTO to grow the business, and we will share an Executive Assistant.

You should have experience with and be passionate about software startups, leading teams, getting things done, and scaling companies. You should also have an appreciation for mapping and mapping interfaces, subscription services, data in general, and how better land use and location data can support better decision-making. You should be comfortable closing sales and making product decisions that increase sales.

Essential Functions:

    1. Becoming a confident and empowered team leader with support from the CEO, COO, and CTO

    2. Being a point of contact for everyone on the team to make sure basic operations are being handled by teammates (customers are being properly invoiced and closed, checks are being cashed, bills are being paid, inquiries are being replied to, etc.)

    3. Making sure we are staying on schedule with our product roadmap and that our design decisions are meeting customer needs

    4. Strategizing with the data team to add the most valuable new data to the product to meet customer needs

    5. Helping track and meet subscription sales goals, and modifying the product and roadmap as necessary

    6. Identifying staffing needs to support customer and team happiness, and to meet product and revenue goals

    7. Communicating with leadership who will be setting up strategic partnerships and large customer projects for the platform

    8. Participating in conversations and decisions around overall improvements to the company, from staffing to marketing to new opportunities

We are offering strong compensation, profit sharing, six weeks of vacation, and health insurance contributions.

Ideally you are in the Detroit area, but we are comfortable with you being remote as long as you can regularly travel for executive and team meetings.


If you think this opportunity is for you, please send your résumé to with General Manager in the subject line.

Thank you and see you on The Land Grid!

The blog wasn't sleeping, it was only resting its eyes.

By Jerry Paffendorf on November 20, 2018

No, the blog was definitely sleeping, but we weren't. We typically use Facebook and Twitter to share updates. Please follow us there at and Thank you!