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New Updates for Pro and Enterprise accounts, and for Counties!

By Jerry Paffendorf on February 20, 2019

We're so excited about the reaction to the new site. One of the benefits is that it's much easier for us to provide more account features to meet your needs.

Here's a short list of what's new in February for our different user and customer levels:

Pro Account Updates

• Pro accounts will now find they can use a distance and area measuring tool under the Draw tool.

Soon you will also find an easy way to export your maps as images with a title and legend so you can drop it right into a report, presentation, or webpage with no hassle. New map layers are also on their way.

If you don't have a Pro account, signup for only $10/month or $100/year at

Enterprise Account Updates

• Enterprise accounts now include us importing your data into your account for you, as well as providing you with an account manager. There's a brand new Enterprise brochure page at

If your organization wants to see and manage its property information in an easier way, this is for you. Enterprise accounts are $10,000/year and we have room to add about 10 more this year. Claim your spot.

County Updates

• In addition to our nationwide parcel licenses we are now offering raw data for individual counties for only $200, and we'll coach you on getting it into the right format for your needs.

If you only need a handful of counties for your app and are having trouble working with the source data, this is a great option for you. Learn more at and get in touch at

• Lastly, we've had counties approaching us about being their official parcel data viewer. If you or someone you love is a county (or in some cases a city) who would like to serve parcel data directly into the Land Grid so that you can provide high-quality parcel data to the public without paying for an expensive standalone parcel viewer, our team will work with you to set that up for no charge as we are currently doing in Cass County, Michigan:

Thank you and enjoy the service from the Loveland Technologies team! As always you can reach us at