Landgrid Parcel API

Nationwide parcel data API for your app & map.

What can you do with the Landgrid parcel API?

Present data on a map and look up the freshest parcel details with our API. You'll get access to the same data we serve here on in your app.

Search parcels by lat-long, address, owner, or parcel ID. Get back full attribute sets and labels for the latest data in our system.

Make beautiful maps with our raster and vector layers Use our raster (PNG) and vector (MVT) tiles to present data on your Leaflet, Mapbox, or ESRI baselayer. Our tiles come with parcel polygons and the identifiers you need to look up additional details with our search API.

Want to download and host the parcel data yourself?

Have a custom workflow in mind? Get our whole dataset for use in your systems. See our bulk data plans for details.

Easy monthly plans


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$2,000 / month

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